Another one tips how to choose safari binoculars

If you are going on safari holiday ... you should never be without on your trip and that is safari binoculars. ...

Not taking binoculars -
or taking the wrong ones

Safari Binoculars are essential

Safari wildlife seldom comes as close as you would like.

Bring your own-Safari Binoculars

Don't rely on the tour operator's brochure phrase "binoculars provided". Otherwise, you may have to share the promised binoculars with other tour members.

Defects Safari Binoculars

Even if you don't have to share the binoculars, they could be defective due to repeated misuse by hundreds of safari-goers before you.

Power-Safari Binoculars

Under 8 power is too weak for safari-viewing purposes. For most people, over 10 power produces image shake.

Field of vision-Safari Binoculars

It specifies how much you can view through your binoculars from left to right and top to bottom. The bigger the field of vision, the greater the area your binoculars will capture.

Numerical indicators-Safari Binoculars

The power and field of vision are indicated as, for example, 10x40. The first number is the power, the second is the field of vision.

Names-Safari Binoculars

Be an insider. Call bincolulars "binocs" or, better yet, "bins".

Buying checklist-Safari Binoculars

Use quality binoculars because what you see is what you experience. Here are features you should consider when purchasing binoculars:

Bright image (for dawn & dusk)

Crisp, true-color image

Roof-, not porro-prisms

100% water/fog/dust proof

Filled with nitrogen

Twist-out eyepieces (for glasses)

Image stabilizer (expensive)

Rugged and shock resistant

Long, if not lifetime, warranty

Safari Biniculars

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